At Hecla Greens Creek, virtually everything we do is designed to care for and protect our very special part of Alaska – and the people who live nearby.

We are one of the world’s largest silver mines, located on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska, about 18 miles southwest of Juneau and 40 miles north of Angoon.

We are the only mine in the U.S. allowed to operate inside a federally protected natural monument, which means our safety and environmental record must be among the best in the world.

Hecla Greens Creek’s safety and environmental record is one of the best in the world.

We use innovation and a host of technologies to keep our workers from harm’s way, improve productivity and lower costs. We believe that within a decade the mining industry will look nothing like it does today.

Community Commitment

Our Environment


Did you know our mine gets most of its electricity from clean hydropower? Learn more about our environmental stewardship here