Community Commitment

Community Commitment

downtown-juneau-alaska-EK5M6DSince Hecla Greens Creek began mining operations 29 years ago, we’ve become a very proud member of the Juneau community. Today, we are the region’s largest private employer and one of its largest tax payers. The salaries and taxes we pay contribute to making Juneau a better place to live, from enabling our employees to own good homes in which to raise their children to helping our city and borough governments provide essential services. All of these expenditures radiate throughout the community, from employees taking their families to locally owned restaurants to supporting seemingly unrelated jobs within local governments and businesses.

In addition, the men and women of Hecla Greens Creek are empowered to leverage the resources of our company to benefit the community, from making charitable contributions to local schools and nonprofit organizations to rallying participation in volunteerism.

We annually support XXXXX local groups, art, organizations, etc.

We also proactively provide programs, marketing and information to help guide local residents into great careers at Hecla Greens Creek, from partnering with local community organizations, to sponsoring training and education programs, to speaking at schools and participating in job fairs and other events to publicize the fact that careers at our mine typically pay double the Juneau average wage.

Juneau is our home, and we are dedicated to being an outstanding steward of Southeast Alaska’s environment, an important contributor to the economy, a good place to work and a great neighbor. It takes strength to build a great community. We call that “Miner Strong.”