At Hecla Greens Creek, we take extraordinary steps to protect our environment. We have innovated rigorous engineering, safety and work practices that reduce our footprint and improve our environmental protections. This is our home and we are committed to protecting the land, air, water and wildlife for decades to come.

This commitment to environmental excellence runs through all operations of our parent company, Hecla Mining Company.

Please review our 2020 Sustainability Report and our Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metal and Mining Protocol tables, which further highlight our commitment to environmental practices.

Good Stewards of Admiralty Island

Virtually everything we do at Hecla Greens Creek is designed to care for and protect our very special part of Alaska. We are located on Admiralty Island where more than 955,000 acres
(3,860 km2) have been designated as a national monument. Admiralty Island is a federally protected wilderness area administered by the Tongass National Forest. Greens Creek sits inside the national monument on the northwest end of the island, but outside the 936,649-acre Kootznoowoo Wilderness area.

Life of Mine Responsibility

While we believe there are many years of mine life left, we are planning for responsible closure and rehabilitation of the mine site. In fact, we have established a set-aside with nearly $100 million to pay for reclamation of the mine site after mining operations have ended. Click to read more about our reclamation plan and financial assurance with the U.S. Forest Service and State of Alaska.