Life of Mine Responsibility

Life of Mine Responsibility: Restoration


Hecla Greens Creek is required to return the mine site to a natural state after mining operations have ceased years from now. This includes removing structures, regrading and seeding the land, protecting and monitoring the tailings-storage facility and monitoring water quality. Over time, native trees and plants will reclaim the area. Some material will be buried in on-site landfill trenches that will be covered with soil and reclaimed, as required by regulatory agencies.

To pay for this reclamation, we are investing in a $69 million bond held by state and federal agencies. We have also invested in policy that will cover reclamation costs if, for some unforeseeable reason, Hecla is not able to fulfill its obligations to the reclamation fund.

Regulators have determined that a $13.6 million trust fund will cover ongoing water treatment. The state now holds a surety bond in that amount.

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