Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Hecla Greens Creek will continue the environmental-monitoring programs for the project and will work, as appropriate, with the U.S. Forest Service, other federal agencies and Alaska agencies to revise and update existing monitoring programs pertinent to the construction, operation, and final closure and reclamation of the TDF extension.

Monitoring will establish the effects of project activities and the efficiency of environmental management and mitigation measures. Monitoring will provide input to the company and governmental regulatory agencies regarding project performance. This information will be used as the basis for designing additional or altering existing mitigation measures, if necessary.

The general objectives for site environmental monitoring are as follows:

  • Confirm compliance with approved plan of operations, as well as with other federal and state laws, regulations and permit conditions.
  • Provide data and information to calibrate and validate background-modeling applications.
  • Provide data and information that can used for early detection of potential problems.
  • Provide data and information that can be used to formulate direct, corrective actions should they become necessary.
  • Provide data to measure the effectiveness of defined, environmental-performance, mitigation standards.


Hecla Greens Creek will continue to prepare detailed reports covering the environmental aspects of the Greens Creek mine, including the TDF and associated infrastructure. The company will also continue to schedule meetings per the Waste Management Permit requirements for interested organizations and the general public to review the mine’s prior year’s operation and the upcoming year’s plans.