Safety is all about people. From engineering to behavior on the job, people are responsible for designing our mining process and safety protocols, and people are responsible for performing our work in a manner that best protects both personnel and the environment.

We believe in hiring the best people, providing them with the best training and the best supervisors, and empowering every one of our people to be personally responsible for safety – even if that means stopping a job or speaking up to a supervisor. At Hecla Greens Creek, we’re proud of our environmental and human safety record – and we work very hard to make safety our number-one priority.

Part of being Miner Strong means working hard while also protecting our teammates and environment.

Safety Management System/NMA CORESafety

In 2012, our parent company, Hecla Mining Company, joined with the National Mining Association (NMA) as one of the participating companies in the new CORESafety® mining program, a scalable system with a goal of eliminating fatalities and reducing the rate of injuries by 50 percent nationwide over a five-year period. Hecla was the first hardrock mining company to become certified under this program in 2017.

A variety of safety-performance indicators are tracked by the system, including injuries, near-misses, observations and equipment damage. Our goal each year is to reduce incidents and improve upon health and safety responsibility.

Our protocols and culture are outlined in Hecla’s Safety and Health Management System, which identifies 12 elements for building a safe workplace and creating a sustainable safety culture.

All employees at Hecla Greens Creek receive training that complies with the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s regulations. Employees also participate in ongoing training designed to develop skills in performing their assigned tasks in a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible manner.