Environmental Responsibility

Reducing our environmental impact

Like all Hecla operations, Greens Creek strives to minimize our environmental effects and risks, both today and for future generations. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) consists of a set of standardized processes and practices that enable us to improve compliance, reduce our environmental impact and increase operating efficiencies.

These include:

  • Design, operate, close and reclaim our facilities to comply with all laws and regulations to meet accepted standards and go beyond when they do not meet Hecla’s values
  • Continuously improve our safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible use of resources, products and materials
  • Promote employee and contractor knowledge, capabilities and accountability in implementation of this policy through use of environmental-management systems
  • Conduct periodic environmental reviews and audits of operations and activities to ensure compliance, identify risks, reduce costs and liabilities, and improve sustainable operations
  • Endeavor to reduce energy and water consumption, implementing continuously improving efficiencies into facilities, projects and operations
  • Work cooperatively with educational institutions and agencies to research, develop, and use best technological and management practices to reduce environmental impacts

At Greens Creek we utilize a dry stack tailings facility, which is considered the best available technology for our size and type of operation. Click here for a flyer on our environmental practices.

Each Hecla employee and contractor is responsible for incorporating this policy into their daily planning and work activities to achieve this commitment.

Click here to see a short video on safety and the environment at Greens Creek.

Using hydroelectric power whenever possible

Hecla Greens Creek powers itself with clean hydroelectric power when it is available. We have an agreement with Alaska Electric Light & Power to purchase low-cost, interruptible hydropower. This agreement has led to a 60 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption since 2006. That’s good for the environment – and good for Juneau pocketbooks. Alaska’s capital city enjoys the lowest-cost electricity in the state thanks to large, interruptible customers like Greens Creek and Princess Cruises.